NOTE: The female nude is Oscar’s wife [Constance Lloyd] who was six months pregnant when Oscar had his first homosexual encounter. Apparently she should be facing Oscar but someone tried to steal the bronze and when the authorities restored it they installed it facing the wrong direction.
Merrion Square is a Georgian garden square on the southside of Dublin city centre. The poet, novelist, and satirist Oscar Wilde lived at No. 1, poet W. B. Yeats lived at No. 82, and Daniel O'Connell at No. 58, now home to the Keough-Naughton Center of the University of Notre Dame. The National Maternity Hospital is on the North terrace. A number of houses in the square have plaques with historical information on former notable residents, including A.E. (George William Russell) and Sheridan Le Fanu.

You can find Oscar Wilde's statue in Merrion Square Public Park. The statue shows Oscar Wilde reclining on a large granite rock without a care in the world. The statue is positioned so that he is looking at his old family home number 1 Merrion Square, on the north side of Merrion Square.

Danny Osborne was commissioned to sculpt the Oscar Wilde Statue by the Guinness Ireland group. The process took over two years from start to finish. The sculptor used colored stones and stones with varying textures to give the statue a much more lifelike representation of Oscar Wilde. Green stone is used in Oscar's jacket and red stones are used in the jacket's lapels and cuffs.

Two stone pillars stand nearby the sculpture which are covered in Oscar Wilde quotes.

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